Waste and Weeds DIY Workshop - ReThink Berlin #5 2019

What if, in the future, we will use almost anything from our everyday life to dye our fabrics and clothes.

What if we are surrounded by colour, we just have to know where to look? Instead of using toxic dyes for our garments, please come and experience to dye with stuff collected in our surroundings, like the kitchen, urban areas, grocery stores and gardens. This, which could be called waste, will be an important part of future fashion! The garment industry is the second most polluting and also very much affecting the climate.

The workshop took place in Prinzessinnengärten Kollektiv, Friedhof St. Jacobi and was a part of 48hours Neukölln.
Tutored by Petra Holmberg from slow creations and Hannah Schorch from erie berlin.