ReThink Festival Berlin #4

13.00 - 22.00, June 9, 2018, Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin

On June 9 we invite you to come ReThink #resources and #deluxe with us in the lungs of Kreuzberg! As usual there will be DIY workshops, market, sustainable exchange, waste cooking, art, music, film & fun!

Participants: Agente Costura | Babaruna | Bennelle | BunnyMission | Bybaba Fiber Circus Action Group | Chloé | Edible Alchemy | erie berlin | For a Better World | GAIA Cabinet | Lena Chen | Pirate Stiches | Project Três | The Real Junk Food Project Berlin | slow creations and many more...

If you'd like to give a workshop, share a skill, volonteer or perform;  write us on!

PROGRAM (in progress)

[Get the program in German at]

Info Hang-Out + PoP Up Store/Expo
#info #remarket #refashion #refood

Resource Deluxe & Discount Bar with Bybaba Fiber Circus Action Group
#activism #solutions

MELTING POT - Performative soup cooking with Lena Chen
#art #refood

Eco printing - erie Berlin will bring the basics of how to use plants and food waste to create beautiful patterns on fabrics
#workshop #refashion

Upcycling workshop with BunnyMission. Learn how even your old worn out sock can have a global impact!
#workshop #reuse #kids_friendly

ReUse & street style screenprinting with Pirate Stitches
#workshop #refashion #reuse

ReMarket - Hand-crafted accessories from Project Três - an initiative to empower vulnerable women in India and Kenya.
#remarket #refashion

ReMarket - Fashionable accessories made from reused inner bike tubes by Chloé

Interactive and playful workshop for children about cute earthworms, food waste, healthy soil, growing food and connecting with nature. Discover the GAIA Cabinet with Happy Designer Erika
#workshop #refood

Face Painting with Prinzessinnengärten

Roundtable with For a Better World – Let's discuss ideas and solutions that motivate action. Together we'll create an open online
#resource #discussion #solutions

Pot Holder 2.0 – reuse textiles and craft your own cool potholder glove with Bennelle
#workshop #upcycling #kids_friendly

Come cook and dine with The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin AND celebrate their anniversary! (Dining starts around 17.30)
#waste_cooking #dining #refood

Imagine the ReApp – Come help create the initial steps for our sustainability app with Enrico Scherlies
#workshop #designthinking

16.30 until the end!
Probiotic Bacteria Bar – probiotic cocktails served up by Bacteria Barista, Alexis from Edible Alchemy
#refood #healthy_foodfacts

Inauguration of craftivism installation in the garden. Pieces made during workshops with slow creations, Bybaba and Pirate Stiches
#craftivism #exhibition

ReTing - We gather to share word!

YOGA – let's slow down and do some yoga before we get ready for some delicious waste cooking. You don't need to be a yoga expert to join, Carla from Project Três will be teaching and she is not a professional, just an enthusiast and will be able to assist any level of students.
#workshop #wellbeing

19.00 o'clock
Making music out of making clothes! Sewing machine performance with Agente Costura
#art #music #refashion

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