About ReThink Festival #3

A dynamic collaboration between ReFashionReFood, Prinzessinnengärten and COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala S.A., Honduras), the 2017 event will focus on the theme of coffee and include participation from children in Berlin.

Children ages 7-14 are invited to help plan, organize and execute the festival. Our friends at COMSA, an organic fair trade coffee cooperative, will share their beautiful philosophy of 'La Finca Humana', The Human Farm, which is reimagining society in Honduras.

(As usual, the festival will be open to all initiatives and activities promoting sustainability in fashion and food, though special programming will focus on children and coffee in particular).



Why children?
Children are brilliant and imaginative! As inheritors of the future, they should have power in shaping it. 

The festival is organized through a series of experimental seminars, workshops, and skill-sharing sessions beginning April 2017. Children will explore, brainsstorm, learn and be invited to take on responsibilities. The results will be presented and manifested through various activities at the ReThink Festival on July 1.


FOOD / SOIL : growing, cultivating, saving, sharing, food waste, cooking, baking, alternative use for food, GMO, food security, chemicals, natural resources, fermantation, organic, fairtrade, landgrabbing, rural farming, urban gardening, local, glocal, animal farming

CLOTHES / FASHION /IDENTITY : culture, gender roles, consumerism, look (in/out), design, redesign, reuse, upcycling, repair, trashion, style, body ornaments, taboos, ethics, toxins, natural resources, environment

PACKAGING : circularity, waste, disposable packaging, plastic, fast life styles, reuse, recycling, upcycling, biodegradable

ARTIVISM : poetry, music, dance, performance, street, wearable art, creative actions to raise awareness and engage civil society in social change

OTHER TOPICS:  housing, transportation, urban planning, architecture, furniture

If you'd like to run a workshop, share skills and participate in the festival with the help of the creative brilliance of children, contact Runa Juhanisdotter via info@refashionrefood.org



Why coffee?
Coffee is a universal beverage that brings people together. It's a whole world of beans, roasts and tastes to discover and share. How it's grown and who controls the production, distribution and sales are important pieces in creating social and eco justice. COMSA is an organic, Fairtrade cooperative with a state of the art philosophy to cultivate both the soil, the plants and ourselves. To farm not only coffee, but to plant a new society.

We will ReThink and upcycle, recycle, redesign, reuse, ferment, investigate, innovate and elevate everything about coffee - growing, producing, packaging, selling, drinking, eating, using... yes, you name it. And of course we'll taste it!

At ReThink #2 Ela Roth of TheBunnyMission demonstrated how even our old socks can be reused to have a global impact (see images below). TheBunnyMission is a supporter of the social project 'La Finca Humana’, which is the subject of a film by Brian Olson. While he was in town for the world premiere of his movie, Brian attended our first ReThink meet up and we discussed the potential for coffee to transform local economies. We realized that coffee can act as an education tool for sustainability and that our festival could support the COMSA coffee cooperative through publicizing their activities.

If you are a coffee-related venture that would like to partner with us to host workshops, tastings, or events, contact Elle Peril via partnerships@refashionrefood.org

A group of Honduran farmers fight to plant a new society. The philosophy of Alias Sanchez, The Human Farm, was planted in the minds of farmers across Central America from 1982 to 2002. Mr. Sanchez stressed the importance of analysis and reflection rather than practices based on memorization and repetition. Presently, a small group of his followers are leading a peaceful revolution centered in the development of the brain and the human. They are farming organically and creating an authentic and stimulating environment for next generation. Their harvest is magnificent. These revolutionaries are moving programs from isolated, mountain villages to impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods throughout the country. As the contamination, corruption and violence highlight the world, they are working fast to create a generation that will solve the problems that we have created.

Directed and Filmed By: Brian Olson Produced By: Rolando Lopez, Edward McShaffrey, and Brian Olson

ReThink Festival #3

Saturday July 1, 2017 - 13.00 - 22.00 @Prinzessinnengärten, Kreuzberg

:: Coffee Pop Up Space w. COMSA & Flying Roasters
Taste, explore, learn about truly good coffee! State of the art - fair, organic, bio dynamic. Learn about La Finca Humana - a philosophy that is creating positive change for a whole valley of self-sustainable small scale farmers - and produces coffee that supports a cooperative, progressive school and is changing society in Honduras.

:: Kids Makerspace
The 'Volkshalle' will be turned into a big DIY makerspace for kids to get creative and learn about the environment and sustainable everyday solutions. One can be dubbed an 'Umweltritter'- an Environmental Knight, upcycle disposable plastics into something useful, fun and artistic, play games, create and experience stories, sketches and music, repair stuff, print on clothes, upcycle socks to wonderful bunnies, plant greens and more. Grown-ups welcome too! 

:: ReFashion Area
Screenprinting, upcycling, redesign, natural dyeing, restyling and a fierce ReFashion show!

:: ReFood Area
In the cozy workshop kitchen you will learn about food waste and organic, fair, slow and probiotic food. Discover herbs and spices. Prepare n' share. Learn how to make Italian home made pasta and kids come cook with grandmas. The sit down and redine in the lovely garden and make new friends.

:: ReGreen Area
Discover various amazing DIY solutions to reduce food waste through composting. Turn those household waste into nutrient soil and grow vegetables at home. Say hello to some cool little worms, super important for healtly, living soil and learn about micro organisms and other good fertilizers.

And of course - Performances, Music, Happenings, Mini-exhibitions, Networking, Actions, Film & Interactive Fun!

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