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Fashion Revolution Marcala

  • Parque Central Marcala Honduras (map)

This year FASHION REVOLUTION is part of ReThink Festival Marcala

¡Ven y cambia la moda para proteger la naturaleza y crear un mundo mejor!

Fast Fashion harms nature, us and garment workers!
Get involved! Join the movement! Become a Fashion Revolutionista!


1-3 pm

Welcome to our Fashion Revolution set and take a photo or a selfie of you and your clothing label and tag the brand and ask #whomademyclothes?

Bienvenido a nuestra esquina “Fashion Revolution” (Moda Revolucionaria). Tomate una foto o una selfie tuya con la etiqueta de tu ropa, etiqueta la marca que elaboro tu ropa y preguntales #quienhizomiropa?

1-3 pm
Workshop - We show you how to make a bag from an old t-shirt without sewing!

Taller - ¡Te enseñaremos como hacer una bolsa de una camisa vieja sin usar ninguna costura!

4 pm
Fashion Revolution Runway

Pasarela “Fashion Revolution”. (Moda Revolucionaria)

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On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.

That’s when Fashion Revolution was born. There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza all manufacturing clothing for the western market. The victims were mostly young women. We believe that 1,138 is too many people to lose from the planet in one building, on one terrible day to not stand up and demand change. Since then, people from all over the world have come together to use the power of fashion to change the world. Fashion Revolution is now a global movement of people like you.

Your voice can change everything!

Since Fashion Revolution started, people from all over the world have used their voice and their power to tell brands that things must change. And it’s working. The industry is starting to change.

More brands are being open about where their clothes are made. More manufacturers are making their factories safer. More producers are being seen and heard.

But the story is far from over. We are only just getting started. We can’t stop until every garment worker who makes the clothes we love is seen, heard, paid properly and working in safe conditions.

Your voice does make a difference. We need to make this Fashion Revolution Week bigger and bolder than ever before.

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