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Waste management. Sharing societies. Diversity. Sub-cultures. Eco awareness. Sustainable, collaborative economies. Freedom of identity. Artivism.

ReFashionReFood is an international community and ReThink festival for sustainable learning and exchange. We bring people together to discover and develop hands-on tools to empower ourselves in an overwhelming reality. The project is an inter-disciplinary, non-profit collaboration triggered by global environmental and social imbalances, presenting DIY micro-solutions for macro-problems.

We are artists, researchers, designers, students, journalists, cooks, crafters, farmers, activists, teachers… not satisfied with current, dominating solutions.



The friendly clothes swap! Too much or too little in the closet? Wrong size, color or style? Come swap and share a story... Go home with a new piece of clothing and their personal story! #value #identity #circularity #sharingeconomy

ReThink Festival

Every summer in collaboration with Prinzessinenngärten in Berlin. DIY workshops, ReMarket, kids makerspace, talks, performances, waste cooking, art, music, & fun.

We go global

After three successful summer editions in Berlin, we bring the ReThink festival to other cities to spread the word about straightforward sustainability education, connecting different groups around environmental welfare for the sake of a better future. We will take to the road, and are making the concept open source, under a Creative Commons License. The DIY manual is in the tube. The festival is now occuring in Borås/Göteborg (SE), Manchester (UK) and Marcala (HN). Brewing locations are Vejle, (DK) and Los Angeles (US). An online ReThink Community for knowledge sharing is on the long term agenda.

ReFashionReFood launched on July 10-11, 2015 with a seminar at Betahaus and our first ReThink Festival at Prinzessinnengärten. The theme was waste management.

Waste Cooking

Smoothies! Soup! Buffés! We rescue food from stores, farmers, bakeries, restaurants and markets that would otherwise be thrown away. With the assistance of chefs and food magicians we prepare delicious, healthy ReFood and then enjoy the divine results in good company!



ReUse! ReDesign! ReDefine! ReStyle! ReInvent! #diy #slow #style #identity #freefashionstudio

ReThink Seminars & Thematic Days

We organize film screenings, interactive talks and discussions on sustainability & ethics in food and fashion.

ReFashion MEGAWORKSHOP with Fashion Hacks & I Love My Style Show

We help you keep your fashion in the loop. A live workshop with multiple stations. ReDesign, repair, hack, and jazz up your wardrobe! Show it off!
#subcouture #upcycling #naturaldye #screenprint #refresh #handmade

ReThink pOp UP store +

Slow, sustainable, handmade, ethical, upcycled, circular, local, indie, fair ReFashion on commisson. With designer talkshops, discussions, film, performances, ReStyling, ReLooBook, ReCoffee BAR and parties.

ReThink Fashion and Food. ReClaim Culture!