Waste management. Sharing societies. Diversity. Sub-cultures. Eco awareness. Sustainable, collaborative economies. Freedom of identity. Art as a political tool.

ReFashionReFood is an emerging platform and festival for sustainable learning and exchange, bringing people together to find fun and manageable tools to empower ourselves in an overwhelming reality. An inter-disciplinary, non-profit collaborative project, triggered by global environmental and social imbalances, presenting DIY micro-solutions for macro-problems.

We are based in Berlin and Borås+ Västra Götaland and arrange workshops, discussions, actions, swap shops, film screenings, inter culture exchange, art shows, happenings, performances,  food sharing, waste cooking, pop-ups, fairs, concerts, parties and more!

A mixed pot of artists, researchers, designers, alchemists, students, journalists, people, cooks, crafters, local entrepreneurs & farmers, bureaucrats, activists, teachers, politicians, institutions… not satisfied with current, dominating solutions.



ReUse! ReDefine! ReStyle! ReInvent! #slow #style #identity #dyi  #goodbyefashioncode


Keep those clothes in the loop! Give them identity. Swap and tell their story... #value #circularity #sharing

ReThink Festival

Every year in July @ Prinzessinenngärten, Berlin - Kreuzberg and in Sep/Oct @ Orangeriet + @ Textilmuseet, Borås.
Skill Sharing, DIY Workshops, Interactive Talks, Performative Action, Challenges, Interculture, Waste Cooking, ReDinners, Art, Books, Music & Fun.

On July 10 and 11, 2015, ReFashionReFood kicked off in Berlin with a seminar @ Betahaus and our first ReThink Festival @ Prinzessinnengärten. Focus was on waste management.

Waste Cooking, ReSoup & ReDining

We rescue food from stores, farmers, bakeries, restaurants and markets that would otherwise, for mostly bad reasons, have been thrown away. And then we cook togehter... delicious soups, smoothies and ReFood Buffets! Learn by chefs and food magicians how to prepare dishes from an odd bunch of leftovers and castways! Then sit down and enjoy the divinities in good company!

ReThink Seminars & Thematic Days

Educative film screenings, interactive talks and discussions on hot food and fashion topics. For schools, organisations, private groups and businesses.

ReFashion MEGAWORKSHOP w- Fashion Hacks + ! Love My Fashion Show Offs

What's this? A gigant workshop with various stations to ReDesign, Repair, Hack and Jazz up your wardrobe!
Bring in your clothes to have them ReFashioned or just bring in your favorite pieces to be admired! We welcome you to show them off in front off the camera and on the lovewalk. If yOu say it's fashion... fashion it is! Come create an awesome performative party with your most amazing pieces of ReLoveFashion!  #F_ the_code  #lovefashion #performance #art #music #culture #you_style #party #everybody #subcouture

A F F A  shOw  ./  Art  .  Fashion  .  Food  .  Activism

This will be epic... and take many shapes... a creative, intuitive movement from within.
Q: Can objects/concepts without an idea be appealing? Who/what should color n' shape the future? Can/should art hacktivate the civil code?

ReLuxe pOp UP +

Curated evening ReFashion store with designer talks, tricks of the trade, ReStyling, ReLookook Studio, ReFood Café & BAR plus DJ into the night.